Kitty Bios

Looking this good isn’t easy!  It takes commitment, focus, and a whole lot of cat hours in the gym. Here’s how we do it.



Possesses an insatiable thirst to stay in shape. A master of shoulder rotations and ab crunches, Banjo is one fit looking feline.










Body conditioning is a priority for Harley. Sure, he likes to look good naked…. Which is, er, pretty much all of the time.









Puts his physique down to high impact work out exercises, and his impeccably flawless family gene pool.










Spurred on by sibling kitty rivalry, Mr Freckles is always trying to stay one step ahead of his brother Tom by hitting the work out studio before he does.










When it comes to working out, she’s the first to arrive and the last to leave. Pumpkin puts this down to her incredible focus and dedication. Everyone else puts it down to her kitty love handle paranoia.









No stranger to high impact aerobic work outs, Tom likes nothing more than to start his day with some pumping tunes and feeling the burn. Some people need their coffee to get going in the morning. Tom needs his cardio workout. Although his brother Mr Freckles is usually there before him!